Case Study: Knee Injury

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Injured Worker Awarded 250 Weeks of Disability Benefits for Knee Injury

Steve Allen suffered a knee injury while working as an over-the-road truck driver for Annett Holding (TMC). Steve was injured in Missouri, lived in Illinois, and he worked for Annett Holdings, which is based in Iowa. After Steve injured his knee, he began suffering from lower back problems because of his altered gait. Attorney Beth Flansburg took the case to hearing, where the employer claimed Steve's back problems were not related to the knee injury and therefore he did not suffer an industrial loss. The deputy Iowa workers' compensation commissioner disagreed and awarded him 250 weeks of disability benefits based on his industrial loss.

After the decision was issued, Annett Holdings claimed Steve should have brought his claim in Missouri, where he was injured, because Iowa had no jurisdiction over the claim. Ultimately, the Iowa Supreme Court determined that Iowa had jurisdiction and upheld the entire award.

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