Case Study: Shoulder Injury

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The following shoulder injury case study demonstrates how important it is to have a skilled attorney assisting you with your workers' compensation claim. To discuss your case with one of our lawyers, contact us.

Worker Rewarded 350 Weeks of Disability Benefits After Shoulder Injury

Dan Bode injured his shoulder while working for Mertz Engineering as a welder. Following surgery, Dan was released to return to work by his surgeon and a company doctor without any work restrictions. Mertz Engineering claimed Dan was not entitled to disability benefits because he had no work restrictions and because he had suffered a previous work injury to his shoulder with a different employer.

Attorney Beth Flansburg took Dan's case to a hearing before a deputy workers' compensation commissioner, who determined that Dan was 70 percent disabled and therefore entitled to 350 weeks of disability benefits. The deputy ruled that Dan suffered a permanent disability because the shoulder pain prevented him from welding and performing other past jobs. He also found that the prior injury was irrelevant because Dan was able to be gainfully employed at Mertz for four years before the second injury.

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