West Des Moines Depression and Work Stress Attorneys

People who suffer from prolonged injury may experience limitations in their mobility, enjoyment of life, and sense of well-being. The limitations placed on your life by injuries may also be affecting your source of income. The loss of income, or living on a limited income, just compounds your feelings of sadness, stress, and frustration. At Lawyer, Dougherty, Palmer & Flansburg, P.L.C., we provide experienced legal help to people experiencing work stress, depression, or other psychological effects related to a work injury.

You have rights as an injured worker to seek help for the depression caused by work stress and injury. Please contact a attorney from our firm to arrange your free consultation. We will take the time to learn about your situation, then discuss your options for having professional help covered by Workers' Compensation.

Seeking Help for Your Work Stress

It is common for seriously injured or disabled people to experience anxiety and/or depression. The depression and the effects of stress can be situational-brought on by an event such as a temporary injury, or they can be chronic - brought on by a long-term disability or serious injury. We provide skilled legal help to injured and disabled workers. We can advise you on ways to seek professional help for your depression and ensure your counseling is being covered by Workers' Compensation benefits.

As attorneys, we are not qualified to give clients medical, psychological, or psychiatric advice. However, if you are dealing with an injury related to a workplace accident, you may have medical and psychological issues as a result. If you are dealing with work stress or have suffered a workplace injury and are also suffering from any or all of the above symptoms, contact us to learn how we can help.

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