Leg, Knee, Ankle & Foot Injuries

Iowa Workplace Injury Attorneys

Have you or a family member sustained a foot, ankle, leg, or knee injury in the workplace? If so, consider the experience of our firm to help you seek the Workers' Compensation benefits you deserve. At Lawyer, Dougherty, Palmer & Flansburg, P.L.C., we provide skilled legal guidance for people who suffer injuries to any part of their lower extremities including the leg, knee, ankle, and foot. Our clients are commonly people in manufacturing positions whose jobs require them to stand on concrete for hours at a time.

Please contact an attorney from our firm today if you have sustained any leg, ankle, foot, or knee injury while on the job. We can help you file a Work Comp claim and ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to receive.

The cause of a knee injury can be traced back to a variety of activities people perform in their daily functions at work. These actions can include repetitive stress, standing, lifting, and falls. Additionally, a back injury can be a "spillover" injury to the lower extremities. Our firm has the resources to seek informed medical opinions on behalf of our injured clients to ensure that all your injuries are addressed.

Crush Injuries

Despite the best efforts of employees to protect their feet, crush injuries still happen in the workplace. These injuries can result from a dropped object or being run over by a machine. In some situations, we may be able to pursue a product liability claim if the injury was caused by the negligence of a machine manufacturer.

Serious Leg and Knee Injuries

A serious leg or knee injury may leave a person permanently disabled, requiring accommodations to live the life they had prior to the work accident. Additionally, suffering from a traumatic injury very often leads to depression. This cycle of emotional and physical pain is common in our clients. We are experienced in helping people seek counseling and psychological help to address depression related to a work injury.

In most situations an employer hires an employee "as is". This takes into consideration the health conditions you may already have. If your foot, leg, ankle, or knee pain is part of a pre-existing condition, but is aggravated by your work functions, you may be entitled to benefits. At Lawyer, Dougherty, Palmer & Flansburg, we are knowledgeable about the nuances of Workman's Compensation laws and the ways we can best advance our clients' outcomes. Contact Lawyer, Dougherty, Palmer & Flansburg today to learn more about pursuing the Workers' Compensation benefits you deserve for your foot, leg, ankle, or knee injuries.

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